Hi! My name is Patrick. I am a scientist and engineer passionate about applying AI to global environmental challenges. Currently I work at the Allen Institute for Artifical Intelligence (AI2). Previously I worked on brain decoding (mostly deep CNNs) and legal AI (joint CV/NLP models).

I am also interested in improving scientific rigor in academia through the adoption of industrial software engineering practices. I received training in software engineering pedagogy through the software carpentries, and I have mentored academics in machine and deep learning methods for SharpestMinds and Neuromatch academy.

I earned a Ph.D. from the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at Carnegie Mellon University. My dissertation work focused on how neural patterns of activity evolve during learning. Before that, I studied recurrent neural networks and causal inference at CMU. I went to McGill for undergrad, researched ecology and biodiversity, and spent a lot of my time learning to ride a fixed gear on icy streets :).